"Marked By Man"


36" x 48" 3D Acrylic on Canvas


"You should have left the trees lighter"

"This one is so dark"

"So many harsh emotions in their eyes"

"I liked it better before it was marked up so much"


Well folks, have you ever noticed that the aspen trees that are the closest to the trail (aka the trees closest to human impact) have the ost markings? Look it up or go on a hike.


They are scars and blemishes from life. Out in an abandoned forest you'll find that the aspen trees barely have any markings on them. Just an occasional scratch or bite from an animal. But the trees near humans are carved into, often in the name of love, and are left with a permanent scar. Trees don't heal, they seal. Instead of healing the wound, they just seal off that part from the rest of themselves. 


It's almost like this whole damn painting is a metaphor.


This one held a lot for me. I've been working on it since October. When I started it, I was happy and giddy, but the holidays were rough and the beinning half of this year has challenged me in ways I never saw coming. Pain and wounds I never asked to feel. Finding myself sealing it away in order to continue on my journey. Hard emotions that baffled me were often taken out on this painting.


The branches look as though they are clawing or poking at each other, leaving further marks. The eyes lack compassion and many of them appear to even hold judgement. If only they could remember that they aren't individual trees but actually part of the same root system. Genetic clones of one another.


Let us not forget just how human we all are.

Marked By Man

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