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May 2021

Summer 2021

50 State Mural Project

I am on a mission

To paint a mural in all 50 states, and I need your help finding walls to paint!

What kind of walls am I looking for?

ANY! This could be a wall in your basement, garage, kid’s room, or entertainment room. It could be in a business or on a shed outside! There are really any rules here. Do you know of a school or community center who could benefit from beautiful artwork? You could even raise money and donate the artwork to a deserving place! The sky is limit and I am up for whatever challenge you might have for me.

Want your wall painted?

It’s a simple trade.

I give you a CUSTOM MURAL for FREE

(typically several thousand dollars)

You give me:

  1. An idea of what you'd like painted on a wall in your home or business

  2. Cost of materials (typically <$100)

  3. Cost of travel (by car or plane)

  4. A place to stay (see trailer story below)

*This offer is available for the first mural in each of the 50 states. Any consecutive wall will be at full cost.

What’s in it for me?


- A challenge of a lifetime that will pave the way for a sturdy art career

- opportunity to see all the beauty this country has to offer

- connections to humans all over the USA 

- a book full of stories and a portfolio of beautiful artwork

Other ways to support this project:

- Share this website or project on your social media page or tell your friends! You never know who might be looking for something like this!

- Buy the artist(s) a meal, a tank of gas, some art supplies, or just make a general donation (Click here to donate and be notified how your money was put to use) 

- Buy original artwork, apparel, prints, or other inventory items (making money while on the road allows this project to continue without interuption)

- Take the artist(s) on an adventure in your state

- Send a letter of encouragement to the artists

- Did this project inspire you to create your own artwork? Send us a picture!

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